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Kambrielle/ Cedar City, UT/ Newborn Photography

I have this condition where if I remotely start bragging about myself, that certain thing I am awesome at suddenly goes pear shaped. I’m ok with it, keeps me humble and sportsman like. But any who That’s happened at little Miss Kambrielle’s session. I was telling her wonderful parents that I was pretty much a baby whisperer and ALL my usually tricks suddenly STOPPED working. In the end, We still got some amazingly beautiful shots but that was more because Kambrielle is awesome and her parents.


Picking outfits for Family Pictures


You scheduled your family photo shoot and then sets in the ever daunting task of trying to figure out what you are all going to wear. Breath…… I’m here and It’s only as hard as you make it. It SOOOOO doesn’t have to be that way and you still can all look amazing AND coordinated! Here is my “go to, no fuss”  process in choosing a slamming get-up for your family pictures.


I’m gonna use myself getting my family ready for our last family pictures since I was REALLY involved in that process.;)

1. Think of your setting and/or background. Work with your photographer on this before hand. If you don’t have one in mind, your photographer will suggest a few. I like places that have meaning to you. For my family we like the outdoors- a natural landscape with interesting features. We decided on Snow Canyon near St. George Utah. It’s a red rock Canyon and has black lava rock.

2. Consult a Color Wheel. Once you pick a setting, visualize the color of the scenery. The colors in our chosen scenery were Red Rock and Black lava Rock. I matched one of the colors on the color wheel, in this case the red tones, and looked for the complimentary color on the wheel. You find the complimentary opposite by looking across to the exact other side of the wheel. This gives you an idea of what colors will really make the best pop, and agree with each other, in your pictures.


4. Closet Exploration. The next step I take is looking through my family members closets to see what they all ready have that might work in that complimentary color spectrum. Luckily, we had a plethora of the turquoise/teal color type clothing, except for the baby. She did however have a headband that was adorable with the turquoise color. That headband became the deciding factor in the other colors we were going to use in our outfits. Turquoise, burnt orange, and Navy blue.

-Three colors in your scheme are usually effective. Two complimentary opposites with a subtle solid.

-Whites, Blacks, or Grays are considered “Freebie” colors and can be added to any color scheme. (Unless your color scheme is only blacks, whites, and/or grays, which can be an effective color scheme too.)

IMG_3436The day of the shoot was rainy and overcast. My husband threw on a light longer sleeved shirt that was teal and caused the baby’s burnt orange shirt to really stand out. To even this out we added a navy blue sweater to her outfit.


Our Pictures taken by London Photography





Go to Tips for picking out outfits-

Keep it simple. Stick to Solid colors and simple patterns. Bold, busy patterns distract.

Don’t have siblings close in age in the same outfit, they’re more than likely going to stand next to each other at some time. 

Texture is your friend. This means layers like a sweater over a button down shirt, jackets, layer tees, denim, necklaces, scarves, hats, and tutus. Texture adds an element of interest to a photo. Layering can also help make for easy clothing changes.

Avoid logos and anything else that might be distracting and date a photograph. A little trendy is ok…just don’t over-do it. People’s eyes will go right to the logo. Senior portraits are the exception to the rule. For example: If your son wears RVCA everyday then I think we should capture that, it’s a part of his personality.



Overall, make it fun! Don’t stress yourself out. If you need or want help, enlist it! Have a friend come over to help raid your closets, picture message your outfit choices to your photographer or your mom. Search out on pinterest for some family picture outfit ideas. I have a whole board dedicated to family picture outfit inspiration. Hope to see you and your family in your stress free, awesome picture outfit choices soon!




Nena Navarro - July 9, 2014 - 7:55 pm

Your family is beautiful! And you have a daughter now!! She’s gorgeous! Thank you for this I am totally taking notes of these tips for our future family shoot!

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